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Fifth Grade

~A Message from The Fifth Grade Team~

Welcome to fifth grade! This year we will be working to strengthen our students’ independent learning skills to help them prepare for middle school and beyond. In Math, we will focus on good mathematical practices, becoming fluent in multi-digit multiplication, applying problem solving skills, and improving computational fluency. In Reading, students will engage in texts ranging in complexity in order to become resilient and independent readers. They will develop their understanding of how to ask and answer questions within a text through close reading. We will work in book clubs to discuss books in-depth with peers. Children will be exposed to several types of writing. They will write personal narrative, opinion pieces, and informative texts to examine a topic. Children will also often be writing in response to what they read. Students will strengthen their phonics, spelling, and vocabulary skills. In Science we will study the Moon and Space, Earth, the Environment and Ecosystems, and Bodies of Water. Finally, in the Spring, the class will take a trip to Boston to walk the Freedom Trail to see the places we’ve learned about in Social Studies on the American Revolution and the foundations of American government. We look forward to making your child's last year at CRS as memorable and rewarding as possible!

Creating pinhole cameras with Mr. Mezzanote
Students working hard.