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Kim Cheman

Did you know?

  • There are 19 different languages spoken by the students in Vernon's ESL Program
  • Vernon English Language Learners come from 22 different countries
  • Vernon's top two ELL dominant languages are Urdu and Spanish

Who is an ELL?

A student who:

  • has a first language other than English.
  • is in the process of learning English.
  • needs additional support to acquire language and learn grade level content.
Vernon Public Schools ESL Program Mission:

Vernon Public Schools are committed to providing all English language learners with a high quality, academic education that will prepare them to be life-long learners who can successfully compete in our global economy.


  • Promote mastery of academic subjects
  • Facilitate transition into English
  • Attain full proficiency in oral and written English
  • Students living in the Lake Street, Northeast & Center Road School district that qualify for ESL support will be provided transportation to attend Center Road School.

    Students will be enrolled in a mainstream classroom where English Language Learner will be instructed and supported along side English speaking peers.

    Instructional Program Services

    • Pull-out, push-in, and sheltered ESL classes
    • A combination of English language instruction and academic support
    • small group and one-on-one instruction
    • paraprofessional support
    • modifications to assignments and ESL grading options
    Process for Identifying English Language Learners (ELLs)

    If the Home Language Survey indicates that a language other than English is spoken in the home:

    1. Student is interviewed and tested using the LAS Links Placement Test or the Pre-LAS 2000 (K students only)

    2. A review of student progress is conducted annually using the LAS Links.