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Equity Stance

Equity Stance
November 2020

The Vernon Public School district recognizes and values the rich diversity of race, ethnicity, abilities, gender identity, sexual orientation, and economic background of our students.  

We also acknowledge the existence of a range of inequities that exist across our nation and within our local community that impact our students.  These inequities create disproportionate outcomes ranging from gaps in academic achievement to dropout rates.  The impact of these gaps extend well beyond school, correlating with indicators of physical health, emotional well-being, income, and civic participation.  

Equity in education is achieved when student outcomes are not predicted by gender, race, ethnicity, economic background, sexual orientation, language or abilities and where all students reach a level of efficacy and competence that supports a rewarding and productive life.  

This requires the elimination of inequitable policies, programs and practices that currently contribute to disproportionate learning and achievement among student groups.  In addition, it requires the identification and implementation of new strategies that promote equitable experiences and outcomes.  

In order to provide an equitable education for all students, the Vernon Public School district, in partnership with the community, will:  

•    Focus on inclusive Pre-K education and other research-based practices known to reduce bias and discrimination while reducing gaps
•    Provide access, experiences and opportunities through an inclusive, student-centered environment that values voice and choice resulting in equitable outcomes
•    Develop systemic practices that allow all students to learn from others that represent a broad range of backgrounds and experiences
•    Recruit and retain a faculty and staff more representative of the experiences and backgrounds of students
•    Support a professional learning community where educators have an equity lens, self-awareness, and professional skills to support all students

 Our commitment to equity allows us to achieve our Mission, ensuring that every student can become an independent learner and a productive contributor to society.